Vic Mensa, Women in Music Journalism with Althea Legaspi


Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with rapper Vic Mensa, whose sophomore album, Victor, just came out. They discuss his activism and entrepreneurial ventures as well as the life changes he made after a bad car accident. The hosts also talk with Rolling Stone’s Althea Legaspi about her recent article on the challenges female music journalists face.

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Althea Legaspi on Women in Music Journalism

Althea Legaspi is a news editor at Rolling Stone magazine. In the wake of magazine founder Jann Wenner’s offensive remarks about women and people of color, Legaspi profiled women working in rock journalism and the challenges they’ve faced in their careers.

Vic Mensa


Vic Mensa has been a favorite of Jim and Greg’s since his band Kids These Days was making waves in the Chicago scene that gave us Chance The Rapper, Noname and Saba among others. Since Mensa’s first appearance on Sound Opinions in 2018 he’s released his second album, “Victor” and has a renewed sense of purpose.

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