Dry Cleaning, Reviews of Margo Price and SZA, and RIP Jeff Beck

Dry Cleaning

Post-punk tunes topped with dadaist deadpan lyrics are an unlikely formula for popularity in music, but that’s the secret to Dry Cleaning’s success. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with band members Florence Shaw and Nick Buxton about one of their favorite albums of 2022. They also review new albums by SZA and Margo Price and pay tribute to Jeff Beck.

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The second full-length album from the celebrated songwriter, SZA's SOS arrived late in 2022.

Strays Margo Price

Margo Price Strays

On Strays, Margo Price proves she is much more than just a country artist.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Photo by Steve Gullick

Florence Shaw and Nick Buxton of Dry Cleaning join the show for a wide-ranging interview. The British post-punk band is notable both for their dada approach to lyrics and their rapid ascent in the UK music scene, counting Iggy Pop, Simon LeBon and John Parish among their fans. Their 2022 album, Stumpwork, was Jim's favorite album of the year (and a favorite of Greg's, too).

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck Truth

Guitarist Jeff Beck died January 10, 2023 at age 78. Jim and Greg pay tribute to his work in The Yardbirds and especially his early solo albums, which demonstrated his ability to sculpt guitar noise into music.

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