Buried Treasures & The Birth of Music Piracy

Buried Treasures

For whatever reason, musicians release great records every year that somehow fly below the radar. Listen as Jim and Greg unearth some of their latest musical Buried Treasures. Plus, we hear the untold story of the "Patient Zero" of music piracy.

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Stephen Witt

When digital music piracy began dominating headlines in the '90s and early 2000s, many understood the issue to be a phenomenon perpretrated by a horde of anonymous hackers. But in his new book How Music Got Free, author Stephen Witt has traced a large part of the story back to a single individual with a name. Dell Glover, an employee at a North Carolina CD manufacturing plant, smuggled out hundreds of major recordings and helped leak them online before their official release date. So while the record industry was aggressively prosecuting college students and other members of their own consumer base, one of their own employees was in fact responsible for the bulk of their piracy issues. Stephen Witt joins Jim and Greg to discuss Glover's accomplishments, the ethics of file sharing, and the music industry's inept response.

Buried Treasures

One of Jim and Greg's favorite pastimes is hunting for buried treasures. Like always, they have emerged with some undiscovered gems to add to your summer playlist.


  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, "Step Brother City"
  • Flo Morrissey, "Pages of Gold"
  • Wild Honey, "Seventeen"
  • Fantastic Negrito, "Lost in a Crowd"


  • Viet Cong, "Silhouettes"
  • Black Rainbows, "The Prophet"
  • Flying Saucer Attack, "Instrumental 3"
  • The Sandwitches, "Wickerman Mambo"

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